short introduction
Putzi and Pummel
Uganda von der Fischerhütte
Mr. Leo Helbig
Pirol von Rosenheim
Witherford Hot Chestnut

How it often happens in life, it was a coincidence that I found my way to the Boxers. Animals were always part of my life. My first big love were horses but, unfortunately, the Second World War destroyed my dreams, our home and all animals during one of those infernal bombing nights. We had also lost our shepherd and my parents desperately searched another dog for me, what was very difficult at that time.
First, they found an eight-year-old Scottie and after him came two Skye terrier puppies (Putzi and Pummel). It was a disaster - we had lost one of them from distemper and the tiny Putzi suffered tremendously from loneliness. By chance, we quickly discovered a very young Boxer bitch puppy. She was able to save Putzi's life. With her overwhelming temperament she gave Putzi back the necessary vitality and kick out of life.

In l952 we took our Uganda von der Fischerhütte to the Boxer Klub ev München to present her to her breeder Mr. Leo Helbig who was the breed warden of the Club at that time. Encouraged by many other Bremen Boxer people we traveled with great expectations from one show to the next, not knowing anything about the Standard requirements, nor we knew the breeding goals. I personally found it chic and a great thrill to present Uganda in competition. She finally won the most difficult title of Klubsiegerin.
A short time after, my father felt very sorry for a poor young male which was treated very badly. He brought home Pirol vom Rosenheim and a year after this dog was Bundessieger l954. We - all three of the Rezewski family stood beside ourselves with joy, pride and enthusiasm - of course we thought our two champions were unbeatable!

The time came when I showed off too much with my beautiful photo-album under the arm full of shots of the greatest two winners in the world. It was time that Herr Helbig had to bring firm ground under my feet again. He introduced me to the Grand Old Lady of the Boxer, Mrs. Friederun Stockmann, I attended the meetings of Atibox (Association Technique Internationale Du Boxer) and in company of Mr. Helbig I also felt honored to visit the leading Boxer Kennels of that time in England. On our way back to Germany I was deeply lost in reflections on comparing our dogs at home with the Witherford Boxers I had seen at Pat Withers'.
In the beginning I had some difficulties to sort out the differences, but half a year later I felt fit for the battle and asked Pat Withers for a young male. I had made up my mind to try to breed a similar type of Boxer at home. And, indeed, I was very lucky, that the young l4 weeks old puppy dog Witherford Hot Chestnut put me on a new basis for my later life with Boxers.

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