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Marbelton Ghost Writer

Origin of the kennel name " vom Schütting"
The building called " Schütting" established in l538 in the centre of Bremen, is the house of the Bremen commercial trade and industry - a symbol for power and great influence. Across the front gate of the building is written:


After Uganda and Pirol in l955 our third Boxer was Camma vom Letzten Hafen, a daughter of Pirol out of Unke von der Fischerhütte, the litter sister of Uganda. In our first litter we bred from Uganda and Pirol, l2 sound puppies were born, but we did not keep any of them, because at the same time we luckily found the proper Camma in a litter out of Unke.
The stylish little puppy developed into an outstanding Boxer, we were very proud of her. She easily won l958 and l959 the titles of Bundessiegerin, Klubsiegerin and International Champion. She was mated to the Heiner vom Zweckeck-son Wasko von der Reiterstadt Verden; who was dominant for the excellent head type deriving from Lustig von Dom. The outcome was Klubsiegerin and Bundessiegerin Bele vom Schütting: Apart from Bele we had kept the brindle sister Beira and these two sisters in l962/63 produced the first litters by Witherford Hot Chestnut.
In the beginning the German breeders suspiciously kept away from him. Only two foreign breeders tried to use him, Mrs. Cloppenburg from the Netherlands (Kennel v. Neu-Drosedow) and Dr. Bosi from Italy (Kennel de la Val di Senio). So, at first we had to start to breed from him with our own bitches. Beira produced a super litter - all six puppies were later graded "excellent".
I very much regretted that I did not keep the most promising puppy Donna vom Schütting. l963 she was Klubsiegerin, Bundessiegerin and International Champion. So at least she promoted a great deal of publicity for us. The same did Hinnerk vom Schütting; the Hot Chestnut's son out of Bele. He easily won all possible titles with his owner Willibald Wendel, at that time just aspiring to success as beginner and breeder of the Boxers v. Nassau-Oranien.
At home with us stayed Hinnerk´s sister Honeymoon. She was an elegant winner with a striking red coat, but unfortunately she did not produce the type I was used to get from our brindles.
For that reason, I acquired another brindle from Pat Withers, the bitch puppy Witherford Hot Strawberry. In her pedigree, good, proven stud dogs were crossed in, which from time to time is absolutely necessary for a successful line breeding. Proof of this point of view were Jupiter, Nestor and Nauke vom Schütting; the striking descendents from Hot Chestnut and Hot Strawbery.

Unfortunately they appeared during a time, when many people's opinion in Germany turned against Hot Chestnut, perhaps because his offspring had been spread successfully all over Europe?
When one day one of my colleague judges performed a desastrous showdown in the ring against Jupiter, I felt hurt and discouraged. In consequence Nestor was no more promoted and the impressive Nauke was given to Denmark where one of today's wellknown Allrounder Ole Staunskjer led him to an international career. The last German Klubsieger from our kennel was in l978 from Mango vom Schütting. A totally"hooked" young couple showed the Us-Ranus-son over a lot of shows all over Germany to finally achieve the title.

With the end of the seventies, I definitely decided to give my puppies only to Boxer fanciers, preferably in other countries. I never expected that the Us-Ranus' daughter Julie vom Schütting would be shown from Spain at the world show in Casablanca/Morocco. I therefore was very astonished to hear from her proud owners that Julie won the Title of Weltsiegerin under the world-wide well-known British Allrounder Joe Braddon. Even more surprised I was when Julie was given back to me to help me overcome a very distressing time with fading puppies. This gay creature once more gave me great pleasure out of a super breeding success. When she was mated to the International Champion l975 Enok vom Schütting who stemmed from a father/daughter mating Hot Chestnut, she produced an excellent litter of four typical pups.
One of them Wiking vom Schütting ( l978) was sent to South Africa. In the Federation of Boxer Clubs of South Africa Wiking was used wide-spread, he became "Sire Of The Year" from l982 to l988. Among other five imported stud dogs at that time Wiking achieved the progeny record of 2O South African Champions.

Vico and Casper. Both these dogs came to me in a sudden impulse and a weak moment. I saw Vicomte du Grand Jardin after having judged at a big Boxer Specialty somewhere in the middle of France. My co-judge Madame de la Mette was already waiting to take me back to Paris, when a huge Baby Class was still presented to me and, among all, a young male attracted my attention. He was walked by a young boy and showed off an impressive, controlled ground covering movement, full of confidence with a very proud head carriage. The breeder seemed to ask me if I really liked him better than his litter brother which he himself had on the lead. Some misunderstanding through our different languages went on at the end of which I had the beautiful little puppy on my lap driving via Paris back home with me to Bremen. I later learned that Vico stemmed from the great French dogs Perry and Stafke du Chemin de Fleuri. He developed into a very elegant dog who gave me a good feeling during a time when I was very lonesome after having lost many of my old ones from the past. Vico was shown at several shows, but against dogs of the caliber of Mirco vom Turmblick he could not win and so, after one Klubsieger-Anwartschaft under Bodo Grolla, he stayed at home. Vico was of big support to me. My faithful companion died at an old age of 12,5 years. I was left back with the young bitch Pita vom Okeler Forst.

Without having my father at my side anymore I had to work very hard to keep our business alive. During these years breeding was out of question. But one day I heard from a friend of mine in England, Mrs. Barbara Murray, who told me there was a promising brindle show puppy for sale at the well-known Marbelton Boxers. Mrs. Mary Hambleton promptly sent me some photos and only a few weeks later
Marbelton Ghost Writer was flown into Hamburg. The straight forward going, uncomplicated little dog soon felt at home and suited me and Pita very well. Casper grew into a strong excellent-headed dog with plenty of elegance. He was quite successful at shows and won several firsts in his youth and in working classes. Finally, he went on to win the titles of Europasieger 2000 and International Champion 2001 - a very pleasant show career. He has many well-known British winners in his pedigree, but unfortunately breeders of today do not have much interest in them. So, with 8,5 years, he now is the sovereign leader of our little Boxer family.

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